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Savannah Pritchard
Savannah is finishing high school in her senior year. She is a staff member in both the photography program and school newspaper. Her first year in publications, Savannah received multiple awards, of which are listed:

ATPI Fall Contest 2013

Beginning/Middle School Division

Honorable Mention- Sports/ Action-Reaction

Third Place- Formal/ Studio Portrait

Texas A&M- Commerce Shoot-Out 2014

All Years Division

Honorable Mention- Sports (Color)

Honorable Mention- Sports (Black/White)

Third Place- Open (Black/White)

First Place- Photojournalism (Color)

Jostens Photo Contest 2014

National Contest- More than 6,000 entries with only 68 receiving awards.

Third Place- Sports Sidelines

ATPI Top Program 2013

Photo contest in which photography programs compile portfolios in order to compete to be announced the top program in the state. 

First Place- Photojournalism

First Place- Sports

Second Place- Thematic

Interscholastic League Press Conference

Honorable Mention- Photo Story

Third Place- Online Feature Photo


Savannah was also announced for the ATPI Imagemaker team. This team consists of the top ten student photographers in the state of Texas, based on awards and achievements won in state and national photo contests during the school year. She is the third to come from Texas High. For her journalism praises, she has been inducted into her school's chapter of Quill and Scroll. For her senior year, Savannah is serving as the Texas High School Photo Assignments/Newspaper Editor and contest organizer. Along with this position, she has been chosen as the Historian/Media Tech chair position for her school's Rosebuds club. Savannah assists the Tiger Times Online Editor, Caroline Purtle.

Her aspirations are to continue her competitiveness in photography by competing in more contests her senior year. Specifically, her goals include placing higher in Jostens and making the ATPI Imagemaker team for the second year. She also hopes to improve her newspaper skill set. In her future she aspires to become a high school journalism teacher while carrying out her photography.




Savannah Pritchard, Photo Editor, Newspaper/Assignments

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