Fields of faith

Mass number of students gather to share their Christian faith at Pleasant Grove High School’s Hawk Stadium


Photo by Ashley Tyson

Sophomore Daylan O’Neal leads worship during Fields of Faith which was held at Pleasant Grove’s Hawk Stadium.

Israel Arias

Story by Grace Hickey, staff writer

“One night. One message. One stand.”

That is how the Heritage Church youth pastor, David Farren, describes the experience of Fields of Faith. Fields of Faith is an annual Christian convention held at Hawk Stadium. Thousands of students attend this event with their churches, friends, and families.

“It is a night that students are challenged to get in the game and in the book,” Farren said.

 Students and pastors from all over town collaborate to put together this affair. Different youth groups all merge on this night to reach out to members of the community and see change in their city.

“It is awesome to get to see such a life changing experience in action and to actually get to play a part in it,” senior Baylee McBride said. “It is really neat getting to see students and teachers that we see everyday open their hearts to us and share God’s word through their stories.”

For this one night of the year, people of different denominations put aside whatever differences they have and come together for a common cause.

“Fields of faith is so beautiful. You get to praise Jesus with a mass group of people that either love him just as much as you do or people that don’t know him at all,” senior Caitlyn Walsh said. “It is a great way to fellowship with other Christians and to know that you are not alone in Texarkana.”


Photos by Ashley Tyson