Welcome to the family

New mascot receives the winning name of Titus decided by the student body


Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

The new mascot flaunts shirt that reveals new name voted on by the student body at pep rally

Story by Anna Graves, co-news editor

She has walked the field for 50 years. We’ve seen her at the basketball games, the pep-rallies and almost every spirited Texas High event. She’s been Miss Independent for a while. Now it’s time for Trochia to find a man.

Texas High has purchased a new friend for Trochia. With his big muscles and defined abs, the new tiger in town is sure to intimidate his opponents and get the crowd pumped.

“I really like it,” Student Council adviser Susan Waldrep said. “I looks very much like a big male tiger should look. They got Trochia in ‘64. So 50 years later they got a new tiger, and we got to name it.”

The student body got to assist in creating history. After the new suit was purchased, students got to vote on the tiger’s new name. Popular opinion for the new name: Titus.

“I like the name Titus,” senior mascot Chandler Thomas said. “It’s pretty cool because I thought everyone was going to name it Tony. I didn’t want to be the average ‘Tony the Tiger’. I’m glad someone picked something kind of different and unique.”

However, some students were hoping the new mascot would have a different name. Other popular choices were Brad, after principal Brad Bailey, Thor and Roger Waldrep.

“I don’t like the name Titus because what is a titus? What does it have to do with our school,” sophomore Ricky Cooks said. “Brad makes since because he’s our principal, and Roger makes sense because of the awesome man that Roger Waldrep is.”

Along with her handsome new friend, Trochia also got a few nips and tucks. The school upgraded the Trochia suit to a smaller, more feminine looking tiger.

“The Trochia suit is new also,” Waldrep said. “I think it looks a lot girlier, and I like that. The heads are not as big, and it’s a lot easier for the kids to perform in them and dress them up.”

Titus is welcomed into Texas High with open arms. Titus and Trochia will hopefully continue to walk hand in hand on the football field and in our hearts for many years to come.

“I think Titus goes well with Trochia,” Waldrep said. “The name is unique, and I think it will stand the test of time.”