TISD bond passes in election


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Story by Madeline Hunley, co-print editor in chief

Adults and students in the TISD community recently voted for the bond issue that approved the establishment of a new sixth grade center and elementary school. Superintendent Paul Norton feels that the bond was a success and will improve the school district in many ways.

The bond passed with 53 percent of TISD voters in favor of the issue and 47 percent of voters against it.

“I believe that this result is a great vote of confidence in TISD from our community,” Norton said.

In addition to the bond issue, Bowie County issued a 36 percent tax increase to the school district. The concern grew as people began to think about the Bowie County and bond issue tax increase.

“The community still came back and approved the bond issue,” Norton said. “It is simply amazing.”

The new facilities that will be added to the school district are becoming an exciting project for TISD. More space will be available to the growing sixth grade students who have experienced an overcapacity problem for the past few years.

“We are currently in the design stage of everything that we will need in the building to make it a self-sufficient 6th grade center,” Norton said. “It will have its own cafeteria, office area, etc.”

TISD also plans to build a new elementary center for children ages 5-11. The elementary campus has not been decided at this point, but TISD is working with a couple of people on trying to finalize this location.

“I anticipate the campus will have a theme associated with it like our other elementary campuses currently have,” Norton said. “The elementary campus will be built to accommodate approximately 400 students with the ability to add on to the campus in the future if needed.

The passage of the bond issue has opened many doors for TISD and the future is full of more projects to improve the school district.

“I want to ensure that we build facilities that our community can be proud of and that will last for many years to come,” Norton said.