Parade of the season

School organizations contribute to this year’s Main Street Christmas Parade by marching, dancing and ringing the spirit of the season


Photo by Ashley Tyson

“Band director Mr. Lawson told us to wear decorations while we marched in the parade,” freshman flautist Shelby Reed said. “I wore two strings of LED lights, a light-up reindeer nose and set of antlers. It made me feel the Christmas spirit.”

Story by Caroline May, design editor

Dark and dreary downtown Texarkana was lit up once again in the spirit of the holidays. The 30th Annual Main Street Christmas Parade was celebrated Dec. 1. Students from bands, drill teams and other spirit organizations from schools all over the town came to march in the parade.

“I have participated in the parade for four years and my favorite part always seems to be the beginning and the end,” senior band member Brad Lenaway said. “I say that because before the parade my friends and I are always joking around and having a good time, and at the end we usually hang out for a little while and enjoy the moment knowing that we won’t have much more time together in high school.”

Behind the band, the Texas Highsteppers marched and performed routines to the festive songs playing.

“This was my first time to ever go to the Christmas parade,” freshman drill team member Ashley Wallace said. “It was really cold, but it was so much fun to get to be in it. People were so happy, and it put me in the Christmas spirit.”

Along with band and drill team, the cheerleaders also participated in the making of the parade. With a few walking and others on the trailer, the cheerleaders sang Christmas carols to enliven the mood.

“While we were there, some girls sat and stood on the trailer and some walked,” sophomore cheerleader Marjorie Slimer said. “We sang a few songs, did a few Christmas cheers, and did some band chants.”

Although many of the students at the parade went with their extracurricular organization, some chose to go just for the fun of it. Whether it be tradition or to see the show, students also attend with their friends to support the marchers.

“I went to the parade because I wanted to hang out and see some friends,” junior Cole Prince said.

I have gone six times before because I have lived in Texarkana for six years. It’s been a tradition ever since I moved here, and this year was better because I knew more people that were actually in the parade.”

— Cole Prince

Not only was the event popular for students, but teachers also showed up to celebrate and cheer on their school.

“Seeing all of you kids in the parade was my favorite part of the parade,” teacher Seth Schirmer said. “I went with my wife and my little girl, my oldest and this is the first year that we have been. I enjoyed it. It would’ve been nicer if the mist wasn’t in our faces, but I think everyone felt that way.”