Students inducted into math honor society


Photo by Israel Arias

Story by Tyler Snell, co-news editor

The new members rise to recite the Mu Alpha Theta pledge. Right hands are held up and the members repeat in unison. Certificates are awarded and members pledge to contribute to their new club.

“The purpose of Mu Alpha Theta is to help the community,” club historian, Caroline May said. “Students with higher math grades are in the club and this helps to get a good group of students together. It ultimately creates a good leadership community.”

The Mu Alpha Theta Club recently inducted its new members into the prestigious, national honor society. Members must be in a math class for all years in high school and maintain a 3.00 GPA and do 10 hours of community service per year in order to maintain membership.

“Mu Alpha Theta is a club that participates in community service that emphasizes on use of mathematics, this is what separates us from other clubs,” club secretary Alex Heo said. “[The club] is a great club to get into if you’re interested in becoming an active person at the school.”

The 2014-2015 inducted members included: Celeste Anderson, Kirsten Anderson, Blaire Berry, Jessica Bilimek, Elicia Bilyeu, Grant Burns, Connor Chandler, Cole Christen, Ricky Cooks, Jr., Austin Crane, Trevor Danley, John Debenport, Matthew Francis, Paola Gabriel, Haley Goss, Dalton Green, Shayla Green, Hannah Hayes, Michayla Hellums, Mitchell Higginbotham, Skyler Hight, Madeline Hunley, Grant Jarvis, Olivia Johnson, Wade Johnston, Tytianna Jones, Savannah Jordan, Harli Kilgore, Lois LeFors, Caleb A. LeGrand, Khlya Lewis, Zoe Lovett, Destinee Malone, Meredith Maynard, Emily McMaster, David Mitchell, Ellie Mohon, Anna Claire Morgan, JT Morgan, Raven Morris, Michelle Moser, Will Norton, Sara Ottinger, Carlee Phillips, Karlee Post, Lauren Potter, Madison Prince, Adam Quinn, Alex Radomski, Brooke Rayburn, Jillian Ross, Nicholas Runnels, Eleanor Schroeder, Frances Schroeder, Marjorie Slimer, Alanah Smith, Alexia Smith, Karissa Smith, Logan Smith, Wesley Smith, Piper Spaulding, Sarah Stark, Savannah Stussy, Summer Stussy, Cameron Tarpley, Cade Thompson, Samantha Walker, Savannah Walker, Chase Watkins, Joshua Whitehorn, Kyrian Williams, Davonte Witcher