Traditions take root

New rosebud officers are chosen at annual Progressive Dinner

Anna Graves

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Photo by Rachel Lewis

Seniors Rachel Stuart and Caroline Thomas pass on their committee chair.

On May 13, the girls of Rosebuds Garden Club participated in their annual end of the year progressive dinner. The entire club met up for appetizers and dessert and had their main course with their grade level.

“Progressive dinner was really fun,” President senior Caroline Purtle said. “Everything was really organized and the food was absolutely phenomenal. It was really nice to see all of the seniors pitching in for the last time, and all of the girls looked so nice in their dresses.”

The progressive dinner is not only a fun night with delicious food, but is also the time where existing senior officers pass down their roles to juniors. Next year’s officers are secretary Brooke Rayburn, treasurer Colleen Russell, vice presidents Leah Crenshaw and Jessica Emerson and president Elizabeth Tullis.

“I feel very confident about being an officer next year,” Rayburn said. “I know that I’m going to be able to hold this position well. I think the new officers were picked very well, and we’re going to have a great year next year.”

One tradition of Rosebuds is to announce the new officers in a fun and creative way. Existing officers write poems describing the girls who are about take office.

“Before they announced president, they were calling out the chair positions I was a wondering why my name hadn’t been called because I was a chairman last year,” Tullis said. “Then Caroline was reading her poem announcing president. I could tell she was describing me and that’s when I realized that I was the new president.”

Progressive dinner is always a bitter-sweet time, especially for seniors. It is a time to laugh, eat and pass out the girls’ last round of roses. Even though it may be hard, the seniors feel very confident that the club next year will be left in good hands.

“It was a really sentimental goodbye for me,” Purtle said. “It was a good end to such a great year. I’m really excited Elizabeth is taking over. I know she will do probably ten times better than I did, and she’s such a hard worker and just a beautiful girl inside and out. I think next year Rosebuds will just take off.”

The new girls are ready to lead the club and continue the great traditions of Rosebuds.
“I’m really honored to be rosebuds president especially because you don’t run for it, the existing office just picks you,” Tullis said. “I definitely was not expecting it. i’m really excited to start the new year with the girls.”