Budding yoginis

Rosebuds Garden Club participates in annual yoga class


Photo by Brianna O'Shaughnessy

Members of Rosebuds Junior Garden Club meditate during their yoga class.

Story by Anna Graves, print co-editor-in-chief

Rosebuds Garden Club members grabbed their yoga mats, took off their shoes and participated in their annual yoga class Wednesday, Nov. 11.

President Elizabeth Tullis said the class is a great way for the club to have fun and explore new things.

“We do yoga as a way to bond and relax as a group,” Tullis said. “It’s a nice activity that brings us together to forget about our hectic schedules for an hour or so and just do some fun poses together, even if they’re not perfect.”

The girls tried their hardest to achieve their best “zen.” But for some, sun salutation was harder than it sounds.

“It was a lot of fun, but some of the poses were kind of hard,” junior Marjorie Slimer said. “I just wanted to laugh the whole time. But it was fun being with my friends, and I’d like to do it again because it’s a way to relax but also be with everyone.”

For new Rosebuds members, the class was a great way to meet with their new sisters. Each girl has at least two “Rosebuds sisters” with whom they matched shirts with for their yoga class.

“Being a new member in Rosebuds has been a great experience so far,” sophomore Sarah Stark said. “I liked matching with my sisters because it kind of made me feel even more welcomed and part of the group.”

Yoga class is an anticipated event for Rosebuds every year and the girls of the club will hopefully continue to “honor each others souls.”

“It’s really fun for the girls even if you’ve never done it before,” Tullis said. “This year was good, and I think the girls really enjoyed it. We all got to try something new with our closest friends.”