Cookin’ up change

Texas High’s Ricky Cooks chosen as Vice President for the Texas Association of Student Councils


Photo by Submitted Photo

Ricky Cooks makes a speech at the Student Council State Convention in Arlington.

Story by Ashlyn Sander, Staff Writer

This year, Texas High’s Student Council ran for Vice President for the Texas Association of Student Councils with sophomore Ricky Cooks as their student representative.

“Charlie Goins was our past student representative for vice president and I loved the position because it’s a school effort and I’m not the only person doing things. The whole school does a lot,” Cooks said. “The vice president is in charge of all the elections, so next year at State we will be the ones to make sure everyone is following the rules and we will be assigning them certain tasks and things like that.”

Elections were held at the TASC State convention in Arlington, Texas and student councils from all over Texas came to participate.

“Luckily we ran unopposed. It was nice knowing that we couldn’t lose but it was also scary knowing that we could be disqualified for something as simple as not being off stage in a certain amount of time,” Cooks said. “So it was still pretty stressful making sure we had our stuff together.”

The convention was held April 11-13 and many student council members went to help with the election.

“At the convention we knew we already won and there was two schools running unopposed, us for vice president and a different school for Secretary, so everyone kind of ignored us a lot they didn’t really think that what we had to say was important,” Cooks said. “They liked Texas High School but they didn’t really care about what we were doing because we were running unopposed. It wasn’t suspenseful at all when he announced who the next Vice President was because we all knew, but it was still nice we felt like we accomplished a lot, which we did.”

Cooks is looking forward to his year in office and the rest of his high school career.

“We ran my sophomore year but I will be in position my junior year, which might be hard but we’ll see, senior year I plan on being Student Body President,” Cooks said. “I plan on staying very involved in Student Council, it’s one of the most important things to me, so even if I’m not a state officer anymore I still plan on doing a lot of stuff.”

Cooks and the rest of the Student Council is excited about the opportunities this position will bring them.

“We just want to make sure that we do everything to the best of our abilities,” Cooks said. “We’ve had this position before and we think we did great but like everything there’s some things we can improve, so we just want to make sure that we will benefit the TASC.”