Don’t mess with Texas

Seniors paint their vehicles in honor of Texas vs. Arkansas week

Story by Tyler Snell, Co-Editor in Chief

The designs are carefully laid out. Car paint is passed from car to car. The end result is a parking lot full of senior cars showing their school pride.

The Sunday before Hell week, Aug. 30, the seniors gather in the parking lot to decorate their cars with witty slogans and Texas flags. For senior Allie Beth Hatfield, it proved to be a way to bond with her new classmates.

“It was really cool because at Pleasant Grove we always painted our cars, but for Texas Arkansas week it actually has meaning here,” Hatfield said. “I thought it was a good opportunity to bond with each other seeing as how it is our last year.”

This also proved true for senior Trevor Danley after three years of watching the past seniors as spirited role models.

PaintingCars_MMB-webPhoto by Morgan Bonner


“It’s a happy ending, but it’s also sad knowing that every year you look up to everyone painting their cars, think that it’s cool and then finally get to,” Danley said. “It was a surreal bonding moment because it makes you open your eyes and realize who you want to be around, hangout with and be friends with your last year.”

While some seniors saw it as a bonding moment, others used it as a way to prepare for rivalry game against Arkansas High.

“It got me pumped for the Arkansas game because it was a big display of school spirit between all the seniors,” senior JT Morgan said. “I liked the fact that we are getting so hyped to beat Arkansas because we lost to them last year, and we have to redeem ourselves.”

The state line will be flowing with cars painted orange and white thanks to some seniors enjoying the challenge of helping out with others’ designs.

“I really enjoyed painting my car and sharing that experience with my grade level friends,” senior Savanna Shively said. “We are all extra excited now for when people see our cars because they will know we go to THS.”

The seniors enjoyed spending this last day before rivalry week bonding, painting and preparing for the week and year ahead.

“It [was] really fun,” Danley said. “But it’s sad knowing that this will be the last time I get to do this for my school and represent who I am.”