Just pigging out

Cheerleaders prepare dinner for football team in honor of century long rivalry


Photo by Misty Morris

Football players enjoy a meal prepared by the cheerleaders at the annual hog supper.

Story by Anna Graves, co print editor-in-chief

On Sept. 1, the varsity football team piled into the cafeteria following their after school practice to enjoy Hog Supper. Hog Supper is an annual Texas vs. Arkansas week tradition where the varsity cheerleaders prepare a meal of ham, potato salad, baked beans and rolls for the football team.

“The Hog Supper has been around, for as long as I know, forever,” cheer sponsor Susan Waldrep said. “We did this when I was in high school in the ‘70s. The cheerleaders host the football boys, and the menu has not changed in 50 years.”

Hog Supper is a special event for the football boys, especially for those who have participated before. For the seniors, this is just another realization that their time as a Tiger is coming to a close.

“Hog Supper has been great for the last three years,” senior James Murphy said. “It’s a great tradition to be able to do this on Texas vs. Arkansas week, and I can’t believe that this is my last year.”

This long-lived tradition is a bonding experience enjoyed by both cheerleaders and the football team before they suit up for those Friday night lights.

“It was really a lot of fun,” varsity cheerleader Kiera Douglas, a junior, said. “We all got together to serve the football boys dinner. It was very fun getting to intermingle with them and pep them up for the big game on Friday.”

The boys are very grateful for the cheer team providing their dinner. After bonding with the team over a good meal of ham, the boys are ready to face Arkansas and fight for a win.

“Hog Supper was really good,” junior Cade Pearson said. “I really appreciate all the girls coming out and feeding us some supper. We had a lot of fun. This meal is a really great time for the team before our game.”

Another Hog Supper has passed, and this tradition will live on as another great part of Texas vs. Arkansas week. Don’t miss the Tigers take on those hogs Sept. 4 at Arkansas’ stadium.

“This has been a great, unchanging tradition for Texas High,” Waldrep said. “It’s just one more chance to eat some pork before we go and beat those hogs.”