Dash for Cash Halloween Bash

VIPS Dash for Cash to be held Oct. 31


Story by Ricky Cooks, staff writer

The 2015 Dash for Cash Halloween Bash will be held on Oct. 31 at 9 a.m. at Texas High School. It is a 5K run and open to anyone that registers. Booths, games and vendors will be set up around the  track and will be available to everyone that attends. There is no entry cost but the items and activities at the booths may not be free.

Students and community members will be at the event, participating in the activities and hosting booths.

“My favorite part about Dash for Cash is cheering on familiar faces,” junior Hutch Tidwell said. “It’s cool watching friends, coaches and even teachers run.”

Those interested in participating in the race can register until Oct. 30 at the TISD Administration building, or online at txkisd.net. It’s $30 to walk or run in the 5K, and $15 for the mile walk.

“I decided to run because I want to donate money for a student to win it as a scholarship,” senior Zack Phillips said. “I ran in it last year and had fun, so I look forward to experiencing it again.”

Children and guests are welcomed to dress in Halloween costumes in order to make the event more festive.

“I’m excited that Dash for Cash is on Halloween this year,” junior Carlee Phillips said. “It will be a bigger and better event for everyone to enjoy themselves.”