An introduction like no other

8th grade orientation for incoming freshman takes new format due to Covid-19

Story by Logan Diggs, Managing editor

8th grade orientation has proven to be a very eye opening experience for kids coming to Texas High School from the Texarkana area and beyond. Being the largest school in the area, Texas High has a very large variety of courses students can take to put them at an advantage heading into life after high school. However, some who overlook the orientation might find themselves regretful and wanting to go back in time to take classes they didn’t even know Texas High had to offer.  

Therefore, 8th grade orientation presents to students from day one all of the enriched routes of education they can take on their journey to graduation. The orientation has been moved completely virtual due to the COVID risk a large number of students and family members in one area would be. 

“We have created a Google Site for New Tigers to include teacher-created videos introducing the programs offered at Texas High School, mostly geared toward freshmen students, however, several of the courses described at the link at the bottom of this story are available to any student, new or current,” Assistant Principal William Harris said. 

As of right now there are still more classes to be added to this list of course descriptions. However, the large amount of videos already uploaded shows Texas High’s incoming freshman the almost endless possibilities they’ll be exposed to. 

“The link was provided via email to parents this morning through Mrs. Tina Veal-Gooch and the TISD PR email list,” Harris said. 

Though mostly everyone wishes a normal orientation would be possible Texas High has found a far safer and equally as beneficial method of exposing students to what the school has to offer. 

“I believe that seeing what options are available is a valuable tool when making any decision,” Harris said. “To weigh the description of courses, and of course, get first-hand feedback from current students is vital when submitting choice sheets. Remember, all choice sheets are due by February 5!”

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