No place like homecoming

Presentation of the Court to be held Monday at 7 p.m.


photo illustration

Story by Jessica Emerson, online editor-in-chief

Thirteen heels clatter across the smooth black wood. Thirteen floor-length dresses sweep and drape along the floor. On Monday, the thirteen ladies on the homecoming court, clad in their best formal wear, will glide across the PAC stage and smile brightly at their constituents.

After being nominated by the senior class and voted on by the student body, the homecoming court is composed of seniors: Jasmine Anderson, Anna Catherine Boudreaux, Brandy Coulter, Leah Crenshaw, Kaylin Edmonds, Takia Gowans, Anna Graves, Caroline May, Brooke Rayburn, Savanna Shively, Samantha Shoalmire, Chealsea Slider and Chelsea Villanueva.

“I was really excited when I found out I was on court,” Villanueva said. “Chaz Davis and Marley Crawford pulled me out [at the pep rally]. It was just really unexpected because at first I was just sitting there. I didn’t see anyone coming towards me, and then they ran up to me. It was just really exciting.”

Members of the court had to pick an escort from the football team, purchase a long dress for presentation, and get a suit for the field. The strenuous process featured a question and answer video that will be played after the ladies are presented.

“[In order to prepare], we all went out and picked out a dress for the court presentation,” Edmonds said. “I was looking online for makeup ideas and lipstick ideas, and I did my hair myself. Now all I have to do is get a suit for Friday night on the field. The only thing I’m nervous about [for presentation] is watching my video, because I have to watch myself talk, and I don’t even remember what I said.”

The presentation kicks off the homecoming week, and it gives the girls on the court an opportunity to show their personality before the student body votes for queen on Tuesday.

“The main thing [I’m worried about] is tripping on my dress because it is kind of long,” Villanueva said. “I’ll probably be holding on to my escort for help. I just have to remember to keep smiling because I’ll probably be freaking out.”