Superintendent Paul Norton nominated for State Superintendent of the Year


Story by Lauren Potter, design editor


The Texarkana Independent School District board nominated Superintendent Paul Norton in April for the State Superintendent of the Year. On Aug. 17, it was announced at Spring Lake Park Elementary that he had become a finalist.

“I was actually talking to the staff at Spring Lake Park Elementary that morning when Tina Veal-Gooch came to the campus to inform me in front of the Spring Lake Park staff that I was a finalist,” Norton said.

In order to be nominated for the award, you must be superintendent for at least three years; last year was Norton’s fourth year as superintendent.

“I was proud for TISD,” Norton said.  “While it is in people’s human nature to look at what is wrong and what could be done better, if you step back for a minute and look at the great things that are happening in TISD it is truly amazing.Our students have incredible opportunities, our teachers and staff are recognized across the state and our Board of Trustees also received a regional recognition.  We have a lot of great things happening in TISD and I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

State Superintendent of the Year was announced at the TASA/TASB Conference in Austin on Saturday, Oct. 3.

“This has never been a goal of mine,” Norton said. “My goals center around doing great things for the students and community in Texarkana and being a good Christian example as a dad and husband.”

Norton, along with the rest of TISD, have many things planned for the future.

“Our number one goal every year is to provide a great education to every student in TISD,” Norton said.  “We want to make sure we are doing everything possible to provide a positive experience for our students and staff. Another major goal for this year is to ensure the successful and smooth opening of the sixth grade center at Texas Middle School as well as the new elementary school in August 2016.”