Tigers dress to kill

Spirit days allow students to express school spirit as well as creativity


photo illustration by THS photography

Story by Emily McMaster, staff writer

School chants and spirit events like the Bacon Fry aren’t the only ways students can show their school spirit. Dress up days allow students to show their school pride in their own way.

“I do think dress up days are an important school tradition,” junior Marjorie Slimer said. “I think that when you dress up, it shows you want to participate in school, and it’s really fun to see everyone in their outfits.”

Many dress up days you can find students and teachers dressed in outrageous outfits, eventually finding their favorite spirit day to dress up for.

“My favorite dress up day out of all my time being at Texas High would have to be last year’s Halloween Day because it was fun seeing people in all this weird stuff and it’s just great for the school,” senior Colby Gillespie said. “I was supposed to be Lil Wayne, but I looked more like Kevin Gates, so it was just awkward.”

Almost every student can find a spirit day they can relate to. Camo Day allows students to show off their hunting passion. A childhood hero may be shown on Superhero Day. Dressing like your favorite senior will show appreciation to many role models.

“I think the Patriotic Day was fun because I love the American colors and they’re really pretty,” freshman Ashley Walker said. “I love being patriotic, especially because my brother is in the military.”

Not only do students get to show school spirit on dress up days, but also show support to Tiger football, by getting excited about the game later in the week where they can cheer on the Tigers in the student section.

“Having spirit makes the players come together,” senior JT Morgan said. “You can’t be a good team without team chemistry and good spirit increases this chemistry.”

Some dress up days repeat every year, such as Apron Day, and others may not be seen for a few years. Some students may stick to the simple side, but others plan their wardrobe weeks before.

“I do plan for what I am going to wear for the upcoming dress up day,” junior Slyder Welch said. “By planning in advance it allows me to have all of my clothes out the night before, so then the next morning I won’t have to feel rushed by having to find all of the parts of my outfit.”

With every spirit day comes new memories and stories to be told, making dress up days a favorite part of highschool when graduation approaches.

“Spirit days are always so much fun because everyone gets involved, including me,” senior Brooke Rayburn said. “Colleges don’t have spirit days as often as we do, so that’s a real bummer. I will definitely miss the school spirit and student section at our school, because everyone cheers for our Tigers, and it’s a blast overall.”