Photographers earn top awards ATPI


Photo by Kayleigh Moreland

Kayleigh Moreland’s still life “Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be” won Beginning-Middle School Best of Show.

After months of waiting patiently for just the right shot and weeks of nail-biting anxiety, ATPI results are in, and they’re better than they’ve ever been.The organization, Association of Texas Photography Instructors, hands out these coveted photography awards annually. This year’s entries, received Nov. 8, set new records.

“I’m very happy that some of our students won very prestigious awards,” photojournalism adviser Clint Smith said. “This is the first time we’ve ever had anybody win a Best of Show in a division, and the the first time anyone has won the portfolio in the Beginning division.”

After all the effort and energy expended chasing after the prize, students are pleased with the result.

“I spent weeks and weeks in preparation, finding which pictures I wanted to use because I take so many pictures,” said Best of Show winner and junior Kayleigh Moreland. “I felt really excited and I was glad that all my hard work paid off.”


Final Results


Sara Vaughn – 1st Place, Advanced News Video; 2nd Place, News Video

Rachel Lewis – Honorable Mention, Advanced Sports Action; Honorable Mention, Advanced Time Exposure

Savannah York – Honorable Mention, Student Life

Kayleigh Moreland – Best of Show, Beginning Division;  1st Place, Beginner Portfolio; 3rd Place, Beginner Sports; Honorable Mention, Beginner Animal; Honorable Mention, Beginner Animal; Honorable Mention, Beginner Time Exposure

Madeline Parish – 2nd Place, Beginner Animal; Honorable Mention, Beginner Animal; 1st Place, Beginner News Video

Kayla Neff – Honorable Mention, Beginner Animal

Lauren Maynard – Honorable Mention, Beginner Formal Portrait

Allie Beth Hatfield – 2nd Place, Beginner News Video

Emily Meinzer – Honorable Mention, Beginner Sports

Maria Frohnhoefer – Honorable Mention, Beginner Travel