Award-winning beats

Drumline wins Fire Ant Classic


Savannah Pritchard

On the field, senior Bradley Baird performs at the Fire Ant Classic. The band won the competition for the second year in a row.

Story by Tyler Snell, staff writer

The drumline was preparing to go in and win.

This is exactly what the drumline did in the Ninth Annual Fire Ant Classic. To add to the awards, this is the second year in a row that Texas High’s drumline has won the competition.

The drumline has nine freshman out of 26 members, so they had to teach these newbies all the techniques.

Members of the drumline receive their awards during the Fire Ant Classic.
Members of the drumline receive their awards during the Fire Ant Classic.

“The whole drumline is like a family,” sophomore August Welcher said. “The hardest experience is having to teach new freshmen.”

The drumline took home awards for Outstanding Baseline, Outstanding Tenor and Outstanding Overall, but winning doesn’t come without hard work and practice. The reaction from the members was happy and proud.

“The band practices from 8 until 1, and then drumline comes back to the school to practice from 5 to 7 in August,” freshman Emily Landers said. “I was really excited when we won overall, but the best reaction was from Miles Coleman because he encourages us so much to work hard.”

Leaders in the drumline and the band itself help to encourage the newbies and the more experienced members during the ups and downs.

“Being a leader or band captain, you have to be a good example,” senior Josh Rostek said. “I’m confident with the band, and I’m glad to be with so many friends.”

While not winning in the front ensemble section, drumline is preparing for what they can improve on.

“I think that for next year we can work on our musical and visuals since other schools did better in that,” sophomore Hoshiki Reyes said. “At first it was a little disappointing that my section [the pit] didn’t win and I’m the section leader, but after that we were all happy because the drumline won overall.”

Even though not every line won, the band was pleased with their achievements.

“I was ecstatic when we won. I knew that our line was probably one of the best in recent years,” senior Miles Coleman said. “I can’t help but be a little disappointed though because all of our lines didn’t win. But it’s ok. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.”