Stoeckl has successful All-Region run


Photo by Morgan Bonner

Story by Grace Hickey, staff writer

A nervous anthem of differing music emanates from various instruments, their owners fidget as the list of chair ranks is posted. Students scattered all over the state gather collectively in hopes of seeing their name on the list signifying that they made All-Region Orchestra.

Sophomore Katherine Stoeckl was one of the few who claimed a spot in Texas’ All Region Orchestra with Texas Music after auditioning on violin. This position was coveted by more than 70 string auditionees and took months of preparation to obtain.

“I got the music in the first or second week of school, and I had until October to learn it,” Stoeckl said. “It was the actual music we’d be performing at the concert if we made it. I didn’t have as much time as I would’ve liked to learn it because I’m taking more difficult classes than I was last year. I would’ve done better if I would have had more time to practice.”

After succeeding in landing a spot in one of the 32 strings chairs in All-Region, she ventured to audition with the other instruments she plays as well.

“I tried out for flute and piccolo in the All-Region Orchestra too,” Stoeckl said. “I did it mainly for audition practice because I knew that I wasn’t going to make it considering that there are so many talented upperclassmen. I was fine with not making it. Last year I auditioned and got last chair on piccolo– of course, I hadn’t practiced– so I was okay with it. “

Although she did not make the orchestra with flute and piccolo, Stoeckl remains encouraged and has no plans to give up auditioning any time soon.

“I’ll definitely audition on all three instruments next year too,” Stoeckl said. “I have a good chance of making it on violin anyways, and the senior who made first chair this year will be gone next year, so that’s also good. There are a lot of seniors that are really good, and they’re all leaving, so that leaves room for underclassmen to make higher chairs.”

Even though Stoeckl is only a sophomore, her fellow band members have been encouraging and happy for her success.

“[My bandmates] all congratulated the underclassmen that made it,” Stoeckl said. “They’re really supportive, especially the older members, and they encourage underclassmen to try out and get the experience.”

Making All-Region Orchestra has been not only a thrill for Stoeckl, but rewarding opportunity to learn more as well.

“[All Region] is a good experience to get to play with musicians that are your age but are super talented, and playing under the guest conductors that they bring in is also really nice because you learn a lot from them,” Stoeckl said. “Overall, it’s been a wonderful opportunity that I’ve learned a lot from and has enabled me to grow both in band and as an individual musician.”

Stoeckl was grateful for the opportunity she was given.
“Getting the opportunity to play in the all region orchestra under the band director at Northwestern State University was an experience I’ll never forget,” Stoeckl said. “Out of all the conductors I’ve had, he is probably my favorite and made an already great experience even more memorable.”