The votes are in

Texas High’s mock election v. Super Tuesday results


Story by Tyler Snell, print co-editor-in-chief

Republican or Democrat. Decide between five candidates or two. Nine hundred students recently participated in a mock election, and the results are in just after many states participated in Super Tuesday presidential primaries and caucuses.

However, Texas High’s results do not reflect what many states chose as their candidates. Bernie Sanders won for the Democrats with 231 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 192.

“I think this reflects a general millennial standpoint on what our priorities are versus the views of the baby boomers,” senior Olivia Corbett said.

On the Republican side, Ted Cruz won with 122 votes while Ben Carson received 112 and Donald Trump got 109.

“I don’t know how well the mock election reflects students’ views because I think students are largely influenced by their parents on political issues,” junior John Debenport said. “But I also think students are largely influenced by other students as well.”

A student’s views are shaped in school, and History teacher Lance Kyles who was in charge of running the mock election feels that this will help students be more involved in America’s political system.

“One person wrote on their ballot that they didn’t know who to pick,” Kyles said. “There is a famous quote that you get the government you deserve. If we as voters don’t stay involved, informed and interested and the wrong politicians are elected, it could be bad for our future.”

For the presidential primaries that occurred on yesterday, Donald Trump won six out of 11 states. Ted Cruz won three states, including Texas, while Marco Rubio only won Minnesota. For the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton won seven out of the 11 states, and Bernie Sanders won four.

“I think [these results] show that it’s going to come down to Trump and one of the democratic candidates,” Corbett said. “There seems to be a strong pull for Clinton in the South and Bernie in the North and East Coast.”