Long time coming

Susan Waldrep wins State Stuco advisor of the year

Story by Tyler Snell, print Editor-in-chief

The students sit at the edge of their seats, anticipating who will be the Texas Association of Student Councils State Advisor of the year. The Texas High members slowly pull out their phones to video their advisor’s reaction. The audience is silent before erupting into cheers for Mrs. Susan Waldrep.

At the 80th annual TASC State Convention Waldrep was named as Texas State Advisor of the year.

“I didn’t figure out it was me until I figured out what Braden said and then they said the ‘See, Think, Do method’ that I wrote,” Waldrep said. “That’s when I got real weepy. This was me.”

Waldrep has been advisor for the student council for 15 years, and student body president Caroline May said that she is happy a deserving person received the award.

“It was really exciting to win [this award] because she has built up such a good student council over the past 15 years,” May said. “She truly deserves it. Mrs. Waldrep has impacted so many students’ lives in a positive way by teaching them leadership skills that will help the rest of their live.”

Principal Brad Bailey said that this award shows how valuable Waldrep is to the student council organization.

“This highlights all of her hard work and time she has put in over the years helping our students and school be the very best,” Bailey said. “There are over 3,000 high schools in the state of Texas and to be selected TASC Advisor of the Year is a huge honor. By receiving this award Mrs. Waldrep is recognized as being the top advisor of all student councils.”

Student Council members attended the convention as the Vice-President School with junior Ricky Cooks as the representative.

“Representing Texas High as VP was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far,” Cooks said. “Bonding with my fellow state officers was the best part for sure. They’ve become some of my closest friends that I know will be with me throughout the rest of my life.”

Student council members were in charge of the elections this year and made sure each school stayed within the campaign guidelines. Waldrep also said that the convention went smoothly and could not have asked for a better group to represent Texas High.

“From our standpoint of what we were in charge of, elections, it was a fabulous event,” Waldrep said. “I think that we came and did more than what I expected.”

Some students knew that Waldrep was receiving the award before the convention and had to make sure it was a total surprise for her along with executing their duties as campaign guides.

“I found out that Waldrep won advisor of the year a few weeks before state, and it was really hard keeping it from her,” Cooks said. “Whenever she found out on stage, it made me happy that she was being recognized for all that she does for not only us at THS but TASC itself. She’s by far one of the biggest influences in my life, and I couldn’t imagine anyone who deserves the award more.”