Channeling their faith

Fields of Faith brings students together for worship


Photo by Racheal Sizemore

Hundreds look on as performers take the stage. Fields of Faith was held Oct. 12 at the Pleasant Grove High School stadium.

Story by Thalia Hawkins, staff writer

Heads bowed, eyes closed. As silence overwhelms the crowd, there is something in the atmosphere that reminds everyone of why they’re here. People from all walks of life and denominations gather. No matter who they are, they all have one goal. Not for the music. Not for the entertainment. But for what really matters to them: “One night. One message. One stand.”

Fields of Faith is a national event that encourages students from all over their communities to unify as one under God. On Oct. 12, Fields of Faith in Texarkana took place at Hawk Stadium, led by event coordinator Eric Akin, who stressed this purpose of joining together in order to be more involved in the Christian life.

“I think that once we come under the banner of Jesus Christ, I think that’s what it looks like to unify as one,” Akin said. “Words can’t really describe it. There was a lot of time, a lot of energy [that was put into it].”

This annual event–which received a record breaking 4,000 attendees–gave students the chance to praise and worship God and pray for their peers. Everyone and anyone was welcome, whether Christian or non-Christian.

“I feel like Fields of Faith is a great experience for anyone who comes out. Even if you’re not saved, it gives you the state of mind that you can be and that you’re not alone,” junior Auryeal Parker said. “It shows people that God is always there for them, even if there’s no one else there in their lives.”

The event included a range of speeches from different athletes and ministries of known speakers. It featured prayer for the Lumpkin family, songs of worship, entertaining stunts by Andre Sims and Chip Minton of the Strength Team, and other demonstrations.

“ Everything was very symbolic,” sophomore Kaden Lloyd said. ”I liked the testimonies because they were really insightful in what other people do in their lives and how they go for redemption. It’s a gathering of faith.”

In the end, nearly half of the crowd had gathered on the field in prayer in attempt to connect with God. Although many personal opinions weren’t known, it didn’t take away the reason of why they were there and the goal that was to be achieved.

“The communication of the gospel was clear in several ways, and hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ,” Sims said. “The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:22 [that], ‘I have become all things for all men that by all means I might win some.”