See You at the Pole gives students chance to celebrate faith


Piper Spaulding

Senior Yvonne Arias sings as junior Colin Runnels plays his guitar at the annual See You at the Pole.

Story by Joseph Rodgers, staff writer

A typical Wednesday morning rolls by as the beautiful blue sky engulfs the horizon. Cars pass by dropping off students as they disperse across campus. To the side, a circle of students are seen surrounding the flagpole with their heads bowed as the American and Texas flag wave above.

See You at the Pole is a national event that has been held for the past 25 years on the fourth Wednesday of September. The tradition started when a group of students in Burleson, Texas, gathered around their on-campus flagpole after feeling led by God to pray for their school, community and nation. This act evolved into a global movement.

“See You at the Pole is an annual gathering of students where we just pray for our schools and the community,” junior Colin Runnels said. “It is a time where we are just reminded about our mission as Christians and gives us a chance to re-devote our lives to Christ.”

As the students gathered in a circle, everyone received a chance to say a prayer and Runnels led the worship with his guitar in hand. For some, the event has an even deeper meaning than just meeting to pray and worship.

“It really shows how all of the believers in the school are united in one body rather than just being small pockets of Christians,” senior Tucker Douglass said. “Basically, it is a physical and spiritual representation of the followers of Christ, and there are more people here than there are at a regular, everyday meeting when [Servants Of The Ultimate Lord] meet. I like that the band and other students who are usually doing morning activities can come here for this small act of faith.”

The event emphasized the importance of prayer in the Christian faith and how it can impact the lives of many people.

“[The event] really means a lot to me spiritually because we just come together as one body of Christ to worship Him and to support and lift each other up for the sake of His ministry,” Runnels said. “This holds true for all believers across the nation as well.”

The young evangelicals are grateful for the religious freedom that they possess that allows them to gather in a public place to adhere to their beliefs.

“I think it’s amazing because there are so many places around the world where a public expression of faith is not tolerated,” junior Landon Ryden said. “We are one of a few lucky countries to have this freedom as our first amendment right.”

The impact of See You at the Pole is felt all throughout the nation as students gather in a public display of evangelism.

“I feel like we are making a difference because no matter what our background is, we’re coming together as the Body of Christ to pray for our nation, school, and fellow classmates and teachers,” Ryden said. “It’s a beautiful thing.”