IT building shot


Photo by Emily Meinzer

Bullets damaged several of the building’s windows. Officials believe the shooting may have been an act of vandalism.

Story by Celeste Anderson and Eleanor Schroeder

A minor shooting that occurred on TISD property may have been an act of vandalism, officials say.

Sometime last night, the Instructional Technology building on the corner Kennedy Lane and Summerhill was shot by what appears to be a BB Gun.

“Somebody did drive by and shoot a BB Gun toward the glass and broke out three large pieces of glass and put holes in two others,” said Casey Nichols, Executive Director of Support Operations. “Honestly, it does not sound like there was a motive based on what I have heard. We do not have any reason to suspect there was. I believe it was unfortunately an act of vandalism.”

Despite damages to the IT building, there appears to be a couple of silver linings.

“The very fortunate thing is that number one, there were no injuries that we are aware of because no one was working during that time, and number two, there was no burglary,” Nichols said.

As for the next steps, the Police Department seems to be investigating the shooting fully.

“Once you find out there were no injuries, and there has not been a burglary, now it just becomes a vandalism issue,” Nichols said. “At this point in time, we have our Police Department working in full force looking at security and surveillance videos to try to see if we can get a positive ID on a car or on a person to be able to determine exactly what [happened].”

There were also reports that shootings happened in other places, specifically the Arkansas Occupational building. The Arkansas school district has yet to respond to requests for information.