A staff divided will stand

Publications room undergoes remodel


Kayleigh Moreland

Construction workers assemble the frame of the wall during class. The publications room was divided in half so the photography class could be nearby.

Story by Eleanor Schroeder, news editor

A recent political election incorporated a notion of building a wall between the United States and Mexico. Closer to home, these same renovations are taking place. The publications classroom, Rm. 50, is being split into two. As publications consists of newspaper, yearbook and photography, the changes are being made to make the group more efficient. As the photography classroom was previously in a separate building, it will now move into one side while the yearbook and newspaper staff will share the other.

“Even though we were skeptical about losing half our space, it has made us use our space more efficiently, and it’s much easier to open the door to the photography side when we need help,” publications adviser Rebecca Potter said.

Despite the change, the staff is excited about the advantages that the move will bring.

“I think the wall will increase our productivity and will unite newspaper and yearbook with photography and A/V Production,” sophomore Joseph Rodgers said. “When Mr. Smith’s classes were in the other building, they were isolated from newspaper and yearbook, but now if either of us need something, they are only a wall away.”

However, because the room has had the same layout for many years, some are anxious about the modifications.

“Personally, I am not a huge fan of the wall,” junior Matt Prieskorn said. “I feel much more constricted and cramped and feel that I have less freedom to move around.”

Recently the Texas High newspaper and yearbook were awarded CSPA Gold Crowns.

Applications for the Publication staff for next year will be available soon. For more information, stop by room 50B.