Massage parlor employee arrested for prostitution


The storefront of the “OMG Massage” parlor on Summerhill. The parlor was busted for prostitution on April 25.

Story by Misty Lopez, staff writer

An OMG Massage employee, Ruiyun Li, aged 46, was arrested for performing acts of prostitution towards two undercover cops from the Texarkana Texas Police Department.

Businesses around OMG Massage and the owner of the property filed complaints about possible illegal prostitution in the massage parlor. Investigators from the police department took action after a search warrant was issued. Coming in as normal customers, the undercover police officers used hidden cameras to prove Li guilty of negotiating acts of prostitution on two different occurrences.

“We sent undercover officers into the business posing as customers. On two of the occasions, Li offered to provide sexual favors in return for cash,” public information officer, Shawn Vaughn said. “Today, we used the evidence obtained to get a search warrant. Officers then located Li and immediately placed her under arrest.”

OMG Massage is located at 4612 Summerhill Road, just two blocks away from Texas High School. Not only does this outbreak have an effect on the community of Texarkana but also the young women and men who are near this type of environment.

“I think that this type of activity has a negative impact on our community; however, I believe the community should be proud that our officers have the skills and equipment to successfully investigate and arrest those involved in illegal activities,” Vaughn said. “This type of illegal activity is bad for any neighborhood–and the fact that it happened only a few blocks from THS makes it even more troubling. Fortunately, there is nothing that I’ve seen that would lead me to believe that any students were involved in this activity.”

There have been speculations on whether this case was a form of self-reliant prostitution or forced sex trafficking. Either way, young girls and women are being used, whether they know it or not, and a high percentage of these sex workers are victims themselves.

“I can’t imagine any young teenage boy or girl wanting to be a sex worker when they grow up. Many times, these people are forced into these positions by other people who seek only to exploit them and use them as a source of income. It’s a very sad situation,” Vaughn said.

Even though prostitution seems like mostly a thing of the past, it is still common in today’s world. In many cases, prostitutes are forced into it, or feel like they have no other way to support themselves. 

“Many [participate in prostitution] to support a drug addiction or to repay the people who brought them to the US. Prostitution attacks our marriages, families, financial well being, and in some cases, can even put someone’s health in jeopardy,” Vaughn said. “Prostitution can be a manifestation of modern day slavery in many cases.”