A little party never killed nobody


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

Students gather in the Dan Haskins center to celebrate the “The Great Gatsby.”

Story by Eleanor Schroeder, news editor

The annual Gatsby Celebration took place in the cafeteria yesterday. After reading “The Great Gatsby” and completing a project over the novel, the junior class dressed up as characters from the 20s and recreated a party from the era.

“I enjoyed dressing the part along with my junior peers and the live jazz music topped it all off,” junior Damien Hamilton said. “I had such a good time that the end of the party came sooner than I imagined.”

The party included student-made decorations, a best-dressed competition, photo booths, drinks and snacks that were introduced in the 20s, a jazz band performance, an art competition and individual performances. The event acted for many juniors as a celebration that they made it through the hardest year of high school.

“The Gatsby party was a fun way to close out our year in English,” junior Caleb LeGrand said. “Hearing the jazz band play and just getting to [be] with friends allowed for a nice break from rigorous courses.”

As this affair has occurred for many years, it has become a rite of passage for upperclassmen.

“I thought the Gatsby Party was a ton of fun,” junior Kristen Clayton said. “I’ve been looking forward to it since freshman year, and I wish we would have had a longer celebration, but it was great while it lasted.”