Ayers named teacher of the year

Story by Jenna Williamson, staff writer

Earlier this year, Algebra II teacher Nicole Ayers was selected by the Texas STEM Initiative to be the Teacher of the Year. This process included 110 other teachers from across the state.

“There’s a vast amount of great teachers in our district, as well as great STEM teachers,” Ayers said. “However, I think taking a more interactive approach when it comes to activities in the classroom was something that I did that may have stood out. I hope to continue to find new ways to teach my students.”

Ayers believes that more interactive lessons can better students’ learning and help them understand topics better. She strives to have different activities for her students every day.

“Mrs. Ayers was a really good teacher because she was always really involved with the students,” sophomore Mills Manthei said. “She did a lot of stuff online which helped the kids learn a lot more.”

Ayers was recognized for her exemplary teaching skills and ways in the classroom. By her ability to innovate education, Ayers continues to inspire kids to change the way they view math. Her ability to connect with students of various backgrounds has impacted the way students learn and their appreciation of math.

“I have always really liked math,” senior Channing Miller said. “But until I had Mrs. Ayers, I never had a math teacher who was willing to work one-on-one with me if I had a problem.”