Marching in the heat of the day


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

The Tiger Band practices their halftime show in the multi-purpose building during summer.

Story by Jhovany Perez, feature editor

Running back and forth, marching to the beat forwards, backwards and side to side. Bending their torsos in abnormal directions and learning to move their lower bodies in distinct ways. Band directors giving out directions left and right.

Feet together. Chest out. Chin up. Eyes with pride.

Band kids, of all grade levels, review the basic fundamentals in order to learn the marching show with ease and precision.

On July 31 Summer Band started which is a camp that kicks off the year for band students. Summer band starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.

This makes most students consider their summer to be over as soon as Summer Band begins  which starts a full three weeks before the actual school year starts.

“I think there always comes some slight dread when you realize your break is cut short by nearly a month, but overall it’s pretty satisfying because you know you’re making progress in an area you’re passionate about,” senior Jasmine Neal said. “Also, you get to catch up with people you may have not seen during the previous part of your summer, so yeah I love it. The slight dread is totally worth it when you see the finished product on the field.”

The purpose of the summer camp is to teach freshmen everything there is to know but also to improve on already present skills from the upper classmen.

“I think summer band helps a lot with learning the show music and getting the drill put on the field,” junior Kamryn Johnson said. “During summer band, the freshmen have a chance to learn the music techniques and get to experience marching band for the first time in an in-depth manner.”  

Along with the recap of the fundamentals, the band starts setting drill for the show that is played during halftime.

“I think it makes sense because you can’t learn the entire [drill] in a few weeks because the first football game is going to be the second week of school, so it makes sense to do drill a few weeks before school,” freshman Molly Laird said. “What we are doing right now is really easy  but I know it is going to get a lot more difficult so I will have to prepare.”

Although there is dread seen within every band member, the hard work and dedication pays off eventually.

“The overall experience is worth every step because we go to the football games for free and we can go on long trips together,” sophomore Brady Ryden said. “That and much more add to the loyalty and harmony to the overall band experience; that’s what keeps me joining each year.”