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Jhovany Perez
Jhovany is a co-editor-in-chief with Lindsey Egger, aka baseball bat. If he isn’t practicing until he dies in the band hall, you will typically find him in Seth Schirmer’s room crying over the physics assignment or in the newspaper room stressing over the upcoming issue with the rest of the editors in chief. This is going to be Jhovany's third year in newspaper and seventh year in band, and even though both are super time consuming, he has managed a way to balance out the two, along with his hectic list of AP classes. Jhovany is also attempting to uphold a job during the school year, but he will probably fail epically. He also tries to sprinkle in some social time with his good pals, but he frequently bails on the plans due to his conflicting life schedule. Jhovany hopes to go to the University of Texas at Austin to study aerospace engineering and hopefully get a job at NASA or SpaceX.

Jhovany Perez, editor in chief

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Jhovany Perez