Starting off the new year with a sweet tooth


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

Senior Elias Thurman and juniors Chris Sutton and Kendall Reed enjoy the Watermelon Supper.

Story by Anna Grace Jones, staff writer

As 13 short weeks of summer dissipated into distant memories, the Tiger community came together for one afternoon to celebrate the upcoming 39 weeks of academics, athletics, arts and all the school year has to offer. Hundreds gathered to enjoy such the event full of Tiger spirit and sweet treats, but the true feat was what occurred prior to Watermelon Supper.

The Athletic Booster Club hosts the Watermelon Supper annually as the commencement for the upcoming year. It includes performances by cheer, drill team, band and color guard. Following the pep rally, partakers of the occasion are served watermelon slices, a trademark of the event.

“This production of the Watermelon Supper went off seamlessly,” Athletic Booster Club President Billy Lavender said. “It seems like it went off without a hitch.”

The prosperity of the affair would not have resulted if not for the tireless hours put into practices and rehearsals during the time leading up. Early mornings and late nights allowed performers of all categories to excel.

“We’ve been practicing the past two weeks from eight to five, so we’ve been working really hard,” senior drill team captain Sarah Stark said. “I’m really proud of everyone. I think we did a really good job.”

Watermelon Supper sets the precedent for what is expected of several organizations throughout the year. It acts as their introduction to the community for this term, and establish their footings for future performances and events.

“I think this sets the bar really high for us to do the best this year,” senior drum major Landon Ryden said. “I’m really happy that everyone gave the effort that they did, and I’m excited to see what happens.”

The supper is a staple of tradition, and it is based on the involvement and help of volunteers.

“We just really appreciate everybody helping out and being involved,” Lavender said. “We’ve had a good time with it.”

The purpose of Watermelon Supper is to kick off the school year and promote excitement for what is to come, and just like it never ceases to be, the supper was viewed as successful by those in attendance.

“The Watermelon Supper was a really fun way to socialize with all of my friends and see everybody before the school year starts,” sophomore Haley Mitchmore said. “It was a great way to get students excited and got me into the school spirit.”