Student amputates hand on campus


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

A LifeNet ambulance sits on the Texas High School campus Aug. 29, 2017. A student suffered a hand amputation in the Sullivan Performing Arts Center.

Story by Langley Leverett, Editor in Chief


According to Executive Director of Public Relations Tina Veal-Gooch, during third period on Texas High campus, a male student amputated his left hand in the Performing Arts Center. Administrators were soon notified and the ambulance and police were summoned.

The ambulance took the student to CHRISTUS St. Michael Hospital; the parents and Principal Brad Bailey went to the emergency center.

The student was flown to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, and swiftly underwent a successful eight hour surgery. Bailey requests that the community remain supportive and empathetic toward the situation.

“I know your hearts are heavy, but we are here for each of you,” Bailey said. “We will get through this together because we are tiger strong, and you have a family at Texas High school who cares for you. I have spoken with the family this morning and I can report to you that [the student] completed an eight hour surgery last night, and he is doing better, and the surgery went well.”

Bailey continues and states that crude mentions on social media are unnecessary, and further reassures and reminds the community of Texas High to be strong.

“He will now go through the healing process, both physically and emotionally. I ask that each of you respect the family,” Bailey said. “I ask that you avoid using social media for negative comments. That is not helpful. Now is the time for positive comments and encouragement. We will all face situations in our lives, and we have a choice. We can tear each other down, or we can lift each other up. I know the students of Texas High will lift each other up.”