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Langley Leverett
Online editor in chief, dancer of 15 years and a profound lover of small animals, senior Langley Leverett is just a girl in an overwhelming world. She has no idea what college she is attending yet, and honestly no clue as to what career she plans to pursue. You can find her with her nose in a book and earbuds in her ears, and if by chance someone mentions the word “debate,” you can bet she will be interested. While she is on the road to self discovery, she has faith that God is not going to let her stray too far from home. Life is an unstable ride, but hey, she’s not backing down anytime soon. [email protected]

Langley Leverett, editor in chief

Jun 03, 2018
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Aug 29, 2017
Student amputates hand on campus (Story)
Aug 25, 2017
Rock you like a hurricane (Story)
Aug 18, 2017
Unidentified male spotted on campus with gun (Story)
Aug 08, 2017
Greg Abbott signs new bill that would classify cyberbullying as a misdemeanor (Story)
Aug 02, 2017
Important dates for upcoming academic year (Story)
Aug 02, 2017
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Jul 02, 2017
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May 11, 2017
ACT prep session to be held June 9 (Story)
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Dec 15, 2016
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Sep 28, 2016
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Apr 05, 2016
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Mar 26, 2016
Tigers defeat the pirates (Story)
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Jan 20, 2016
New year, new me? No (Story)
Dec 25, 2015
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