Bacon fry to go down in history

This year’s bacon fry held special significance

Story by Katie Biggar, staff writer

It’s never really about the bacon. It’s about the memories that come from it. It’s about the 6 a.m. mornings that the seniors share completely covered in grease and thriving in it. The bacon fry is a symbol of growth above all else. It resembles the transition from the excitement of freshman year to the apprehensiveness of what’s to come in the next chapter.

“No one really understands what it’s like to be a senior until they are one,” senior Haley Green said. “I thought it was going to be boring but honestly it was so worth getting up at 4:30 in the morning.”

The annual Bacon Fry is always one of the most attended events that Texas High Student Council puts on, with the purpose of promoting school spirit for the Texas vs. Arkansas game. With this being said, it’s important to document the event to remember all of its success. While most students are enjoying the delicious breakfast, there are a few who hold the responsibility of making it a tradition we can view forever.

“Now that I’m on the publications staff, it’s like I get to be on the inside and watch the excitement in a different way,” junior Alexis Runnels said. “It was cool to see everyone happy and hugging and this event really ties us together as a school.”

Before the tasty eggs and bacon were even passed out, the seniors put down their skillets and made their way to the pit for the second annual Senior Sunrise. The sunrise was an impactful event for the seniors this year as they commemorated the death of two of their classmates—  Houston Hart and Leonard Parks.

“It was a loss for everyone, whether you got the opportunity to get to know either of them or not. The loss of two classmates is painful for everyone,” senior Blaire Bledsoe said.

Although this morning was an early one, it was one that will absolutely go down in Texas High history.