Giving hands

Leadership students help children at Theron Jones elementary school


Photo by Alyssa Kift

Senior Anna Morgan teaches a student math at Theron Jones Elementary as part of her mentorship program through the Leadership class. High school students have been mentoring elementary students all semester and will continue through the rest of the year.

Story by Connor Brooks, sports editor

The first period leadership class will be attending Theron Jones Early Literacy Center throughout the entire school year to assist first-grade classrooms.

“Leadership will be going to Theron Jones every Tuesday and Thursday,” senior Anna Kate Jordan said. “We will be going for the rest of the year and started on Aug. 31.”

Leadership students, along with Mrs. Waldrep, talked about what they were going to do at Theron Jones and why they needed to go during class one day.

“Leadership saw that there was a big gap in ability and learning at Theron Jones,” Jordan said. “We picked Theron Jones, and we are there to help in any way possible.”

The students are looking forward to growing a relationship with the kids so they can further the kids’ lives in a positive way.

“We want to better our children’s lives by getting them more invested in their studies through games and puzzles,” senior Anna Morgan said. “I really want to bond with these kids so they will see what it is like to go into high school, be involved and make good grades and when they get older, they will have someone to look up to.”

A day has already been spent at Theron Jones where the students got to spend a class with the kids and meet the teacher.

“A cute little girl ran up to me when I first went into the room and was hugging my legs and she looked happy to see me,” Morgan said. “I then sat down at a table with four other kids and their first response was ‘who are you?’ and then I got to introduce myself and it was just a lot of fun.”

Students are hoping to make a beneficial impact on the kids and teachers at Theron Jones and have various ways they are going to achieve that goal.

“I am looking to help out the teachers because most of them are first-time teachers and they are struggling and need the help,” senior Brett Denson. “I also want to help a lot of kids that are behind or haven’t had the same education so they can eventually grow up and accomplish all their aspirations.”

Some kids at Theron Jones come from difficult situations and leadership is hoping to make a difference in their lives.

“I am going to put aside differences and connect with them,” said Denson. “I am going to open my heart up for them because a lot of them are coming from hard situations and I want to be a shining light and a good example for them.”