Kindness is as easy as 1-2-3

Story by Jenna Williamson, staff writer

Teacher Nicole Ayers has constructed a cart of positivity that will be placed at various teachers’ rooms starting Monday morning. The cart of positivity contains pens, sticky notes, tape and a multitude of other objects used to create encouraging notes.

“This cart has lots of purposes,” Ayers said. “Lifting teachers up and making sure they know that we are here for them was the primary purpose.”

This project began on a whim one day when notes were randomly placed in a teacher’s room. Ever since then, this project has begun to thrive.

“I think the cart was a great idea.” sophomore Max Young said. “In my opinion, it will make teachers more passionate about their jobs because of the radiating positivity from their students.”

The process is fairly simple. With the supplies in the cart, anyone can form their own uplifting note and tape it on the selected teacher’s door.

“Sprinkling our school with kindness and spreading the word was something that I thought was necessary with this project,” Ayers said. “Our school ‘theme’ or ‘motto’ this year is ‘Earn your Stripes,’ and that’s exactly what this cart is meant to do.”