Meet the cast for the upcoming theater production


Holland Rainwater

Seniors Brennon Cope and Colton Johnson put their heads together in excitement after finding out what roles they will be performing.

Story by Colton Johnson, editor in chief

Everyone’s breath was held as they waited in anticipation, watching Theatre Director Lisa Newton tape the cast list to the door. When she stepped back, the crowd waited for the first person brave enough to check for their name.

Tiger Theatre Company recently held auditions for the fall show, “Chemical Imbalance: A Jekyll and Hyde Play.” The cast list has been posted and expectations for the show have already been set high.

“I am so excited about our cast we have for this show. Everyone in here has shown their talents in their past work and great potential for the future,” senior Brennon Cope said. “Being a small cast, I really think we will come together and be able to work more productively than most shows I have been in, and I am sure this show will be a success and a great statement from Tiger Theatre.”

Rehearsals begin this week, and the show is scheduled to take the stage Oct. 12,14 and 15.

The cast list is below.

Euphronia Jekyll… Victoria Perez

Ambrosia Jekyll… Bree Barnett

Henry Jekyll… Brennon Cope

Lady Throckmortonshire… Damien Hamilton

Xavier Utterson… Colton Johnson

Calliope and Penelope Throckmortonshire… Rachel Johnson

Rosalinda Dewthistle… Emma Deniel

Ivy… Audrey Haskins

Plodgett… Paisley Allen

Constable… Steven Geiger

Police Lieutenant… Mason Higginbotham

Understudies… Cate Rounds, Molly Kyles, Addison Cross and Salem Karr