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Colton Johnson
If a tragically humiliating outbreak of stress hives the week before Prom didn’t stop senior Colton Johnson from obtaining ⅓ of the power over the print newspaper along with his fearless co-editors in chief, then it seems that nothing can truly break this free flyin colt (knock on wood). In his three years serving on the newspaper staff, he has stumbled his way through InDesign, gotten into one too many political debates and learned to utterly loathe the oxford comma. He balances his schedule by, well, he doesn’t. Time management is not a gal he has befriended quite yet; she’s more of an acquaintance at the moment. While being the “good cop” of the newspaper, he can also be found hiding out in the hallowed halls of the theater surrounded by a bunch of crazy thespians. This thespian is probably stunting in something thrifted from goodwill, but you wouldn’t know that. He hopes to audition for colleges and be as successful as Rachel Berry even though the odds may not exactly be in his favor. He is excited for his senior year and hopes that the pictures and videos that come out of it will be up to par for his Instagram. He makes it through the day by remembering to live for the moments, knowing that there are always better things to come and standing out of sunroofs when he feels most alive. [email protected]

Colton Johnson, editor in chief

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Colton Johnson