Grace in her heart


Photo by Dawson Kelley

Senior Morgan Cook receives her crown as the 2017 homecoming queen. Texas High played Mt. Pleasant at Tiger Stadium on Friday, Oct. 20.

Emilee Slayton

Story by Langley Leverett, editor in chief

She looks up at the glaring lights, letting her eyes take in the brightness of the stadium. Her gaze sweeps over the pink and orange crowd, and she can’t help but smile at the people before her. This is her moment– one of her last high school moments.

So she turns her head to her parents and smiles at them in love. She takes in the other court maids– her best friends, and holds each and every face in her mind, making sure she doesn’t forget a single memory. With her head facing the front, she walks forward with acceptance, and they place the crown on her head.

Before the “pink out” football game against the Mt. Pleasant Tigers, Texas High crowned senior Morgan Cook as their 2017 homecoming queen and senior Kamryn Hamilton their homecoming maid of honor.

“It was really exciting being on homecoming court, I was in shock,” Cook said. “It was fun because I got to be on court with all of my best friends. It’s crazy, and I’m emotional about it; I get sad a lot because I am just thinking how we are all going to be in different places next year. Always enjoy every moment because it goes by very quickly.”

This year’s homecoming maids were all best friends, so the event was something special for each senior.

“We made a ton of really good memories, and it was super fun to see everyone dressed up. We bonded even more than we already have,” senior Maddie Gerald said. “Morgan is my best friend and we have been friends since the second grade. We’ve grown up together, and she is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She’s so understanding, it doesn’t surprise me that she won homecoming queen because she is the sweetest person.”

In light of their last homecoming week as high school students, senior Claire Doan offered advice to those who are about to be in their shoes.

“It was such an honor,” Doan said. “I’ve watched all the other seniors, including my sister, and now it’s my time, and it’s emotional. To upcoming seniors I would say to take it slow because it really does blow by so fast, and I feel like I should still be a freshman.”

For some of the maids, being on court brings forth the reality of how fast time is flying, and they are trying to make the most of the moments remaining in their senior year.

“It’s actually a great feeling; not many people get to say they have done this,” Hamilton said. “It’s my last year, and it’s sad because it’s your last year to be with some of your best friends. It’s nostalgic. It makes you realize that you’re about to go off to college. Cherish every moment. Don’t think too much about anything, and just go with the flow.”