Hot chocolate, anybody?

HOSA holds hot chocolate stand to raise funds


Photo by Victoria Van

Estephanie Olvera, sells sells hot chocolate to senior Vice President of HOSA Vy Doan.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

The Health Occupation Students Of America (HOSA) have began to sell hot chocolate outside of the cafeteria to raise money for their state competition at Frisco, Texas in February. The club will continue selling hot chocolate until the end of next week open to all students.

Selling the hot chocolate is an experimental fundraiser for the organization since this is their first one since HOSA has started.

“We have decided to attend the state competition which requires some monetary investments,” sponsor Joe Nolen said. “We’re going to diligently sell and have a good head start on getting funds to set up for the travel plans and other expenses.”

This week, members will be competing in online events and also prepare for the regional competition through dedication and a multitude of practice. Senior Alan Alvarado has been an active member of the organization and is eager to participate in the event

“I’ve been a part of HOSA for two years and I’ve been excited about this fundraiser,” Alvarado said. “The money will definitely help the organization gain money to fuel our trip to Frisco where I’ll be competing at the regional level for health events.”

Members are optimistic about raising sales later at the end of the fundraiser despite the stagnant sales from the first day. Keeping a mindset of unwavering confidence, HOSA will continue selling to aid their expenses throughout the course of the fundraiser.

“I think toward the end of next will attract more people since the weather will be colder and more appealing for the hot chocolate,” Nolen said. “Although sales were slow today, I believe our fundraiser will ultimately be a success.”