Spreading kindness and snacks

New club centered on positivity hopes to spread joy

Story by Savannah Downs, staff writer

A new club called Share The Joy has been created to spread positivity throughout Texas High.

“My goal for this club is to bring happiness for people because everyone is down and after Houston Hart passed away, everyone was down and I wanted to help,” club founder Alicia Sa said. “This club is kinda like counseling, I wanted everyone to talk about their feelings.”

The club will be focused upon letting members share their emotions and views, while enjoying each other’s presence in the form of activities, discussions and snacking.

“We have been thinking about doing a movie night and it’s a good way to entertain ourselves before the EOC’s for us. It’s a good way to make friends,” Sa said. “I mainly want to spread the joy of Texas High to others.”

By creating this club, Sa was going out of her comfort zone to help others around her.

“It was a between thing making this club because I’ve never done this before in my life and my parents were like don’t do it, you’re gonna waste time with people,” Sa said. “I wanted to believe them, but then I was like forget them because I have to follow my own heart.”

Share The Joy meetings are every Thursday in Mrs. Smith’s room.