Tigers on the prowl

Administration forms new anonymous incident report process


Photo by Victoria Van

Story by Madison Brown, staff writer

TISD officials have created an anonymous website link named Tiger Watch for parents, students and the community to promptly report transgressions that occur on campus. Their motives are to guarantee the safety and security of the TISD family.

“We always try to evaluate year to year to see what’s effective to keep up with the latest things that we can do to keep our campus safe so we can update and revise,” principal Brad Bailey said. “This was an opportunity we used to report it through Knomi, the bullying site, but having this TXKISD website link gave us more options.”

This website link will allow the community to report any problems that have or may occur. Information regarding weapons, drugs, bullying and any other concerns that could put students in danger will be directly reviewed by TISD officials. Any false allegations will be taken seriously to the extent of the law.

“The students can go in and do this since Knomi is starting to phase anyway,” Bailey said. “We feel like this will be a better way to house it, and miraculously, I received [a response] within the first five minutes that I sent the email out to the staff.”

Reports may be submitted from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the school year. At any other time, they will be reviewed during the next school day. This system is not for immediate issues.