Freshman All-Region held on Dec. 4


Alexis Runnels

Freshman Gabby Reed practices her instrument for All-Region audtions. She earned a place with the All-Region Band.

Story by Jhovany Perez, feature editor

They sit in their chairs anxiously waiting for their letter gets called to perform in front of a panel of judges. They sit in those chairs for two long hours as they listen to the rest of their peers perform. After everyone is done, they are dismissed and they wait once again for the results.

The Texas High Band took 30 students to the TMEA Freshman All-Region on Dec. 4, of which only 15 were selected to be in the Region Band. One student earned the best audition at the event.

“I was extremely excited, and was kind of surprised actually,” Freshman Gabrielle Reed said. “All-Region is stressful because you are playing in front of a lot more people and not just judges that can’t see you.”

The Freshman All-Region experience is different from the All-Region most band students did in middle school, and serves as prep for the High School All-Region auditions.

“Freshman All-Region is much more stressful than eight grade All-Region,” Lizette Hernandez said. “Because, in Freshman All-Region we have to play in front of everyone who is also audition, which creates a very anxious environment for all of us. While in eighth grade All-Region we just played in front of judges.”

With this new experience, many students feel ready to tryout for the High School All Region that will be held Friday Dec. 8.

“You aren’t nervous when you are sitting and watching everyone play,” Ana Moreno said. “But whenever you are in the chair performing it’s different, because everyone is paying attention to you. This experience helps me by letting me scope the scene and see how everyone plays. It also gives me an idea of what it will be like at High School All Region.”