Blood drive to be held Monday

Story by Lindsey Egger, viewpoint editor

Texas High’s blood drive in cooperation with Lifeshare Blood Centers will be held next Monday in the gym. Anyone 16 or older can donate blood, but 16-year-olds have to provide a signed parent permission slip before donations. Specific health conditions can affect eligibility. If you have questions on your eligibility visit

The process takes less than an hour, starting with a quick interview to determine your eligibility and followed by a short physical. The donation only takes 10-15 minutes, but you are encouraged to sit and eat the provided snacks and drinks. The blood that we share goes to cancer patients, heart patients, burn victims, babies and pregnant women. A single donation can help up to three people in need. After donating blood you can also see your blood type, blood pressure and other health information. Additionally, students can track to see who receives their blood. All students who are able are encouraged to donate blood.