Snow school


Photo by Jaeden Betts

Texas High and Liberty Eylau students play in the snow on campus. School was closed on Jan. 16 due to harsh winter conditions.

Story by Matthew Martin, staff writer

TISD administration canceled school on Tues., Jan. 16, due to icy weather. Many students took advantage of the extra day off of school following a three-day weekend due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Some students played in the snow and released their inner child by hanging out with friends and making the most of the rare opportunity.

“I hung out with a good group of friends,” freshman Gabrielle Reed said. “We all went to the park and had a great time. We acted like five-year-olds, played on all the little swing sets and also had mini snowball fights.”

Other students spent their time more wisely and focused on what needs to be prepared for the next day to come. Getting extra sleep and work done so no stress was induced.

“I got to sleep in,” junior Kamryn Johnson said. “I tried to get all my stuff put together for the [next] school day. It was pretty much a lazy day, and I stayed in my pajamas.”

THS students can share the fun they had in the snow with the new hashtag #thssnow18