Speaking out through creativity

Equality Speaks holds community event with art and poetry


Photo by Alexis Runnels

An attendee of the Equality Speaks event plays guitar on the ground of the pavilion. The event was held this past Saturday, and was meant to bolster positive representation for LGBT people.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

On Saturday, YESS Equality held an event where a multitude of people gathered at the Spring Lake Park Pavilion from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to promote the club as well as feature poetry, singing and art pieces. There was an art auction and bake sale that will donate the money to increasing books about LGBT issues in the school library.

“The group split people into teams so that everybody would be involved in the event,” club founder Atlas Hines said. “I definitely think the dedication of all of our club members ensured that people would come and raise money for the new books.”

Club members prepared by openly inviting individuals to submit artworks and poems to showcase at the event. Junior Kamryn Johnson presented her poetry piece that garnered a positive response from her powerful words.

“I was nervous about showing my piece at first but everyone was cheering me on,” Johnson said. “The support I got made me feel really confident that what I was saying really mattered to the people around me.”

The support I got made me feel really confident that what I was saying really mattered to the people around me.”

— Kamryn Johnson

“There was a chance to have fun with my friends, but when I got there, I wanted to make sure I helped out,” freshman Keenan Thrapp said. “I helped with selling bracelets to help raise profits for the club.”

Overall, the event was deemed a success through the bake sale earning over $200 along with the outpour of joy radiating from the members that came together in solidarity to reach a common goal: spread the positive message of equality and acceptance of all individuals.

“I had a fun time helping out and seeing all of the beautiful art,” sophomore Katherine Page said. “It was a time where the club members and other people could connect on a more personal level and I’m excited to plan next year’s event.”