A piece of history

AP European History students enrich themselves at play in Dallas

Story by Joseph Rodgers, editor in chief

Black words on a page seemed like no more than black words as they fancifully described the French Revolution. European History AP students had read this all year, well familiar with Napoleon Bonaparte. These black words came to life while the students witnessed guillotines, aristocrats and a classic love story at the play “Les Miserables” in Dallas on May 9.

“To go along with our curriculum in European History AP, we attended Les Miserables by Victor Hugo at the Dallas Fair Park Theatre,” European History AP teacher Hunter Davis said. “It is a romance and drama built around the Revolutions in France during the 1830s by the working class.”

Davis hoped that the play would enhance the curriculum of the class and based on his students’ comments— he succeeded.

“I thought it was a really fun way to bring what we learned in the textbook to life because I personally get kind of bored in class,” senior Kaitlyn McKinley said. “Seeing [the history] in real life and in personal stories of the characters was a really cool experience.”

In addition to pondering on the history in the play, many students enjoyed the thrill of attending a Broadway play because.

“I have never been to a Broadway play before, and I was blown away by the cinematography,” senior Jacob Mitchmore said. “I have seen the movie and I was anxious of what [the show] would do with some of the scenes but everything was amazing and it will be a memorable experience.”

Even Broadway fans geeked out while hearing the infamous melodies in the show. By seeing the show, the students were enriched with visuals of the French Revolution that they would not have seen otherwise.

“It was really well done and I am a choir kid at heart so I thought all of the vocals were incredible,” McKinley said. “I almost fainted because everything was that amazing.”