Food out, phones out

Cell phones can now be used at lunch


Photo by C. Murry

Senior Cole Jean takes advantage of the schools new cell phone policy. The 2018-19 school year will allow phones to be used at lunch.

Story by Cameron Murry, staff writer

In past years, cell phones at Texas High have been forbidden; no cell phone use in the halls, cafeteria or library. In some cases, phones have even been confiscated from pockets and backpacks just for being present.

However, this year is different. Texas High’s administration for the 2018-2019 school year have decided to allow the use of cell phones in the cafeteria during all lunches, giving students a little more freedom during the school day.

“Mr. Stahl and I talked with Mrs. Dupree [about the policy],” Assistant Principal Harris said. “We felt like it would be a good opportunity for students to be encouraged to not be on their phones in class and give them a little more freedom at lunch.”

Cell phone usage during class has been a recurring problem over the years. The new change is aimed at resolving some of the classroom distraction.

“We recognized the desire, we recognized the need and we recognized the change in social dynamics. Because of those things, we approached Mrs. Dupree,” Harris said. “She thought it was a great thing to do.”

“Mrs. Dupree’s approval to allow students the freedom of using their phones during lunch has come with a positive reaction from many students.”

— Cameron Murry

Music and social media aren’t the only good things about the change in students’ minds. Getting in touch with people matters to students as well. Before this new policy, students weren’t allowed to access their cellular devices except for educational purposes during class. Teachers weren’t even allowed to let students use their phones for homework during school.

“Last year we were not allowed to have our cell phones out at lunch,” sophomore Abigail Elliott said. “[The policy] makes things a lot easier, especially if I need lunch money to be brought up or need lunch brought to me. I can text my parents and they can bring it.”

In spite of this new change, the rules are still set in place. The handbook should still be followed and cell phones are not to be used outside of the cafeteria during lunches.

“The handbook is still in place,” Principal Harris said. “If there comes a time where students are out of control with cell phones — texting people who are still in class or playing their music too loud — we’ll reconsider the change and can revoke that at any time.”

Students should keep in mind that there are still specific rules and policies in place regarding electronic devices in school. Phones should continue to be put away during instructional periods. With this new freedom comes new responsibility.