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New platform allows students a way to monitor grades

Story by Joseph Asher, staff writer

This summer, KnoMi was terminated, ending the website where people could access grades along with other resources. Although this way to connect has been erased, there is a solution through a free app that is both accessible and operational.

Before, everyone had a KnoMi account and could log into KnoMi to look at their grades. KnoMi also came with a Google email account so students had access to Google classroom and additional services. The TEAMS app is available in the app store for all mobile devices and is free for students to use.

To operate the app, select the school district, then select “student” or “parent” on the screen. It uses the students TXKISD account for the login, and then, students can email teachers and look at grades and attendance.

TEAMS is very similar to KnoMi, but without the games and non school related widgets that KnoMi included.

“The TEAMS mobile app is really nice because it is convenient and easy to use,” junior Arden Spence said. “I like the fact that it’s on your phone as an app.”

While many students enjoy the new way of keeping up with their grades, some dislike the end of KnoMi, as it was nostalgic to their middle school days, and they find the new app displeasing.

“I preferred KnoMi and really liked the site,” senior Allison Yancey said.

Overall, TEAMS has some mixed reviews, but in the end, it’s the only place where grades can be checked.