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Race for the Cure celebrates its 20th anniversary


Photo by Merideth Stanfill

The 20th anniversary of Race for the Cure occurred this morning. Thousands of participants came out to show support for breast cancer research.

Story by Kate Morgan and Peyton Sims, staff writers

The annual Susan G. Komen Texarkana Race for the Cure took place on Oct. 20 from 7 -10:30 a.m.. The event consisted of people of all ages running and a community of people working together to raise funding and awareness for breast cancer.

“This our 20th year for the Race for the Cure. We are excited to be moved downtown to celebrate 20 years,” said Southwest Region director, Amber Lawrence.

During these 20 years, this event has made many notable contributions to the community.

“Over 20 years, we have been able to give back 5 million dollars to the community,” Lawrence said. “Our money goes directly towards diagnostics, mammograms and then the other 25 percent goes straight to research.”

Race for the Cure has grown into an annual community event that brings thousands of people together.

“We are looking at around 5,000 participants today,” Lawrence said.

Race for the Cure not only raises money, but it reaches out to empower women with breast cancer and women who have survived breast cancer. This common cause brings people in the community together to run, donate and give support to people affected by breast cancer.

“I wanted to run to help people with breast cancer, support Race for the Cure, and support the ladies who have conquered breast cancer,” said participant, Hunter Phillips. “One of our family friends had breast cancer and just had it surgically removed, so it means a lot to be running for her.”